ХАБЭА-н мэргэшүүлэх хөтөлбөр


Since 2011, our organization has organized local certified OSH trainings and since 2012, we have trained more than 3,000 OSH professionals in more than 30 fields. We are the official independent training institution of OSH Academy in Mongolia, an international OSH training organization based in the United States.
In cooperation with this organization, for the first time in Mongolia, we are successfully implementing a 6-level international experience in training OSH personnel in specific areas.

Picture 1. 6 Proposed training programs by levels

Types of the training

We organize the above sub-program trainings in the following ways. These include:

100% online training

50% online + 50% classroom training

100% classroom training

Study plan

If a student is unable to attend the 132-hour “OSH Certified Personnel” 132-hour program at the same time and is unable to pay, he / she can study in levels according to the small plan below (or start with a program of his / her choice). Because some courses overlap between programs, it is not necessary to take a course in the next level if you have taken the course in the previous level. For example: Level 1: After enrolling in the “OSH Specialist” program Level 2: If you enroll in the “OSH Manager” program, you will not have to take the 700 courses studied in the previous program in the second level. In addition, after enrolling in Levels 1 and 2, Level 3: If you enroll in an OSH Trainer program, you will not be able to take courses 700 and 711 in the previous two programs. After that, Level 4: If you join the OSH Committee member program, you will only be able to study 1 course (Course 707). Also, a person, whostudiedfrom Level 1 to 4 does not need to be enrolled in Level 5, as the content of that level has been reviewed in previous level programs. If a student wishes, he / she can obtain an OSH Supervisor certificate only by paying an additional fee for this level certificate. Later, in the 6th level, the student will study 7 courses that he / she didn’t study in the previous levels, and the total number of courses will be 28 and the number of hours will be 132.