Level 1: OSH – Specialist


1-r shatnii surgaltiin burtgel

Program overview

Program name: Program aim: Courses taught in the program: Handbook, certificate:

OSH Specialist program”
(OSH Specialist program)

Хөтөлбөр татах (PDF)

MN – Татах


OSH specialists need to be well-trained to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills needed to assist OSH managers and perform other tasks as assigned by the employer. The program is intended for OSH staff, organizers and other staff responsible for implementing the OSH program. The goal is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to implement an effective safety program. To get a brief overview of Mongolian OSH laws and regulations.

The following 9 courses:

Course OSHA700

Course OSHA709
Course OSHA710
Course OSHA711
Course OSHA714
Course OSHA715
Course MN002


Program certificate 1 +Handbook 7

Types of Training Duration: Class time: Fee: Register online
1. 100 % online

Average 4 days, 41 hours

(Electronic access to the study will be provided within 15 working days)

Student must choose

270,000 MNT

/ Mongolian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Management, Golomt Bank, 1105058738/


2. 50% online + 50% classroom 3 days , 41 hours Classroom training: 09:00-13: 00 Online training:14:00-18: 00 (Students can study after 13:00 by managing their time) 405,000 MNT
/ Mongolian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Management, Golomt Bank, 1105058738 /
3. 100 % classroom 5 days, 41 hours 09:00-13:30

540,000 MNT

/ Mongolian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Management, Golomt Bank, 1105058738/


Registration and reference:

Phone: 7011-3838, 8995-3838, 8066-3838, 8996-3838

Address: Khan-Uul district, 11th khoroo, 17023, Zaisantoiruu, 1/29 building, # 3

Email: info@oshmi.mn

Website:  https://oshmi.mn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oshmi.mongolia 


Depending on the type of study, 9 courses take 3-5 days (see Program Overview). One hour lesson equals to 40 minutes of academic time.


The training will be taught by Mongolian teachers with 10-35 years of experience in the OSH field trained by the program. Classroom training will use the equipment and tools needed for the internship. Students who meet the requirements of the program will be awarded a certificate of “OSH-Specialist” program. Printed certificates are mailed from the United States.


Students will be provided with 7 books and handbooks published in Mongolian for each of the 7 OSHA courses taught under the OSH Specialist Training Program. Online learners can also view the handbooks online in pdf format.


An average of 25 people can attend at one-time classroom training. Tuition fees range from MNT 270,000 to MNT 540,000, depending on the type of training (see Program Overview). Online training is up to 50% cheaper than classroom training. The tuition fee should be transferred the to the account number 1105058738 of the Mongolian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Management ” at Golomt Bank before the training starts. Students can come to the training center in person and pay in cash.


Students can register for the course by phone, email, website, facebook chat or in person. Registration will be confirmed by payment before the start of the training. Students must bring a copy of their ID card 1%, a photo 1%, and proof of payment (if you are studying online, you can send it online).


Course OSHA700: Introduction to Safety Management
Module 1: Commitment and Leadership 6 hours
Module 2: Management and employee responsibilities
Module 3: Staff involvement
Module 4: Effective Communication
Module 5: Hazard identification and control
Module 6: Accident Investigation
Module 7: Safety Education and Training
Module 8: Integrated Quality and Safety Management
Course OSHA705: Hazard Communication Program
Module 1: General Responsibilities 5 hours
Module 2: Analyzing the Workplace
Module 3: Container Labeling
Module 4: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management
Module 5: Information and Training
Module 6: Program Analysis Exercise
Course OSHA709: Personal Protective Equipment
Module 1: General requirements 5 hours
Module 2: Personal protective equipment training requirements
Module 3: Eye and face protection
Module 4: Respiratory protection
Module 5: Head, Hand and Foot protection
Module 6: Electrical Protection Equipment
Module 7: Hearing Protection
Course OSHA714: Fall Protection Program
Module 1: Fall, Truth and Consequences 4 hours
Module 2: Fall Protection Program
Module 3: Identifying and Evaluating Fall Hazards
Module 4: Supported and Suspended Access
Module 5: Fall Protection System
Module 6: Fall Protection System (continued)
Module 7: Fall protection Training
Module 8: Inspection and Maintenance
Module 9:Rescue at Height

Course OSHA710: Energy Control Program

(Lockout/ Tagout )

Module 1: Purpose, scope and application 6 hours
Module 2: Energy Control Program Components
Module 3: Training and Communication
Module 4: Periodic Inspections
Module 5: Materials and Hardware
Module 6: Application of Energy Control Devices
Module 7: Release from Lockout/Tagout
Module 8: Sub-Contractors, Group Lockout/Tagout, and Shift Changes
Course OSHA715: Basics of Electrical Safety
Module 1: Electricity is dangerous 4 hours
Module 2: Dangers of Electrical Shock
Module 3: Electrical Burns
Module 4: Electrical Safety Model
Module 5: Recognizing Hazards
Module 6: Evaluating Risk
Module 7: Safe Work Environment
Course OSHA711: Introduction to Ergonomics
Module 1: Defining Ergonomics 4 hours
Module 2: Risk Factors Inherent in the Worker
Module 3: Risk Factors Inherent in the Task
Module 4: Risk Factors Inherent in the Environment
Module 5: Controlling Risk Factors
Course MN002: Mongolian Law on Occupational Safety and Health (1)
Module 1: Mongolian laws and regulations related to labor safety and health 4 hours
Module 2: Occupational safety and health standards
Course MN003: Work Environment (1)
Module 1: Evaluating Work Environment 3 hours
Module 2: Work Environment Standards
Module 3: Measuring work environment, planning and spending of required resources
Module 4: Improving Work Environment
TOTAL 41 hours