Professional and qualified

Our team is constantly improving the curriculum and content based on the latest OSH theory, scientific knowledge and quality management system. Therefore, we are pleased to inform that the average assessment of OSH training satisfaction in our workplace is 98% for Mongolian language training and 95% for English language training.

Stable and continuous service

One of the most important indicators for businesses to choose a professional service provider is their ability to provide a continuous and sustainable service. We are the first in the industry and have been operating steadily for over 10 years. We will continue to develop our operations.

Reporting the Performance

For each organization-sponsored training, we provide our clients with real-time reports on training registration, examinations, quality control, and satisfaction surveys.

Complies with Mongolian laws and standards

Our training activities are conducted in accordance with the requirements of Mongolian laws and standards. Obeying the law is one of the values of our organization.

Loyal customer discounts and promotions

We have a policy of discounts and incentives for our customers in our training services. You can
read more about this in the relevant section.